I facilitate creative visions through the visual storytelling medium of video editing.

From an early age, I was writing stories, mostly fiction adventures. My parents were both in the computer field, so I grew up in a household with a "computer room" instead of a dining room. By 8th grade, I had my very own rudimentary website showcasing my written stories. During family functions, I was the photographer - every family has one. I am truly intrigued by art. It's a passion. I love emotion, subjectivity, and story. My personality also leans toward to analysis, attention to detail, determination, and hyper focus. I am a driven creative. 

Late in high school, I chose to drop my analytical, thought provoking debate class to pursue my interest in the beautiful subjectivity of art. At William Jewell College I earned a BA in Digital Communication and Marketing, a self-created major, and was a AAF-KC Scholarship recipient in 2014, which provided me with an industry mentor, the late owner or Hint, Teri Rogers. It was at Jewell that I proudly cut my first local broadcast piece. 

In 2014, I interned at VML on the internal video production team, Vault, was hired on full time in 2015, and promoted in 2018. My editing ranges in style from storytelling to musically-driven, esoteric art film. I love the variety and view myself as a puzzle master playing with story lego blocks. 

I am involved in art on many levels becoming somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades: writing, fine art, design, music (guitar, cello), photography, and modeling (represented by I&I Agency with an Instagram following @kjomodel). Somehow, without a film degree, I became the first intern and first female full time in VML's production department. I describe myself as a trail blazer for my pioneering in my career and personal life. 

Most recently, I have been doing more freelance, working with directors like Chris Conley for his short film "Color Love KC" and Michael Martin for the 48 Film Project called "The Recipe." 


Narrative and the arts are how we continue to understand ourselves because we are extremely complex. It’s how we understand the world. Fiction is an abstraction of reality so maybe it’s even more real because it represents the truth in all of us. People see it as a pattern of their being. And that is a key part of the human experience.

-Credit to Jourdan Peterson