Video Editor // Director // Co-founder of KatDog Studio

Storytelling is fundamental in
UNDERSTANDING the human experience.

Editing professionally for almost a decade, Kate has cut her way through many genres from commercial, film and even music videos. From narrative storytelling that breaths tearful emotion in the silences to the fast paced, musically driven cuts that bleed inspiration. From crisp commercial polish to gritty, texture of an arthouse film scrapbook.

Bringing her advanced understanding of story, editing technique and post production process, Kate successfully stepped into the directing role, writing and directing music videos for clients like Anson Seabra and The Devil Wears Prada.

Movement. The shots, the story, the music. Crafting a captivating piece takes attention to detail and an intuition that is sharpened by experience and cultivated through inspiration. We are a collage of our experiences, inspirations, and unique perspectives. What pulls at us. Video storytelling requires understanding the tools and techniques to move you. To think. To feel. To act.

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